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The author is a teacher of physics, especially astronomy. He worked at the Nicholas Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium in Brno from 1970 to 2010. Currently, he is employed at CzechGlobe, Global Change Research Centre.

The text below is from 2002. For a contemporary home page see a file on a server amper.

He maintains a couple of www-mailinglists at the computer amper.ped.muni.cz, devoted to sustainable buildings, energy fluxes, astronomy and good lighting -- all the new texts (including first drafts) of him are announced there, and there he answers questions on these topics.

As a volunteer, he is a member of environmental organisation Veronica (works in its Eco-counselling programme) and of the Society for Sustainable Living (leads its regional branch in Brno).

Both fields meet at the issue of light pollution (svetlo.astro.cz in Czech). As a member of the International Dark-Sky Association, he recommends you to have a look at least at the Good Neighbor Outdoor Lighting brochure, or its Czech translation Dobré venkovní osvětlování.

The author offers mainly five kinds of products (see ev. his ftp directory):

Package of Programmes

The bulk of package has been written by Jan Hollan and his colleagues. It includes many astronomical and general purpose programmes and the needed units. The astronomical part covers most of my needs as an astronomy teacher. Written in Borland Turbo Pascal language. Source codes, instruction booklet, example configuration and batch files, needed LaTeX input. Included are standard PStools (not written at Brno Observatory!) for handling PostScript files. Just download pas_jh.zip.

In executable form (*.exe, for MS-DOS etc.,), the programmes from the package are available as exe_jh.zip (for PCs without co-processor) or exe87_jh.zip (for PCs with mathematical co-processor) or individually in the exe287 subdirectory, or as exe_fpc.zip (32-bit executables by the Free Pascal Compiler), but they should be downloaded only together with the pas_jh.zip.

The outstanding Free Pascal Compiler (included in the Debian distribution of Linux) enables to use the programmes under another platforms as well, some binaries are available in the linuxbin subdirectory.

One of the programmes is offered separately as well, as it is perhaps quite unique: the programme for constructing sundials.

Astronomical data:

Texts on astronomy, e.g.:

Texts on environmental issues:

Further texts and images on light pollution and good lighting

Some interesting links to other sites:
idos.datis.cdrail.cz --- timetable of railways. In may be convenient for you to have the cheap programme in your own computer --- then buy it from its author CHAPS and download the new data thrice a year from their page.

The author looks forward to hints from you.

(logo) hollan@ped.muni.cz (můžete psát česky)
Jan Hollan
Nicholas Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium in Brno
Kraví hora 2
Brno 616 00
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 (5) 41 32 12 87

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