COMET   73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3     (2006)

Visual observations
Each visual observation record consists of: the name of an object observed, UT date and time (in hundreds of day), the name of a method used for visual magnitude estimate, the estimate itself, reference for magnitude estimates, aperture (in centimeters) of the telescope, type of instrument and its focal ratio and magnification, estimated diameter of the coma (in arc minutes), degree of condensation, estimated length of the tail and position angle (both in degrees),limiting magnitude, observing site, full estimation degrees, designations and brightnesss of comparison stars and a short description of comet appearance.

  • VISUAL OBSERVATIONS OF FRAGMENTS   B   C   G   R     >   25 visual observations from 23th March 2006 to 13th May 2006

  • CCD observations
    All pictures were made by automated 0.40-m f/5 Jan Sindel Telescope + CCD ST7 + filter R at Hradec Kralove observatory - MPC station 048. The flat-field correction and the alignment of individual frames were made by CCDOPS software and the measurements of precise positions has been made by APHOT - professional software developed by M. Velen and P. Pravec from Ondrejov observatory (MPC station 557). Some of pictures were converted for public - colour pallete was added by SAOImage and final composition was done with GIMP.

  • ASTROMETRY OF FAGMENTS   B   C   R   AQ   >   80 astrometric observations from 23rd March 2006 to 13th May 2006 (8 nights)

  • 06.04.2006   21:46 UT   [jpg]   [png]    B   C
    07.04.2006   21:18 UT   [jpg]   [png]     B   C
    25.04.2006   23:45 UT   [jpg]   [png]     B   AQ
    25.04.2006   21:31 UT   [jpg]   [png]     C
    25.04.2006   23:54 UT   [jpg]   [png]     G   R
    03.05.2006   21:40 UT   [jpg]   [png]     B
    03.05.2006   22:38 UT   [jpg]   [png]     C
    08.05.2006   21:10 UT   [jpg]   [png]     B
    10.05.2006   23:42 UT   [jpg]   [png]     B
    10.05.2006   23:50 UT   [jpg]   [png]     C
    13.05.2006   01:07 UT   [jpg]   [png]     C
    13.05.2006   01:21 UT   [jpg]   [png]     C

    Martin Lehký / Hradec Králové CZ /

    Update 13th May 2006