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MPC station 616 Brno (16°35'00".52 E, 49°12'15".89 N, 306 m) is located at the Observatory and Planetarium on the Kravi hora (MonteBoo Hill) in the centre of Brno - capital of Moravia (with over 500.000 inhabitants). The quality of the sky is worse - enough bad seeing and very strong light pollution.

The main telescope of the MPC station 616 is Newtonian reflector 620/2780 on a automated open fork equatorial mount derived from mount of the Liden observatory. Equipment of the MonteBoo observatory in most cases is used for teaching purposes of the Masaryk University. During period 2002-2007 telescope was equipped with CCD camera SBIG ST-8 + BVRcIc band filters. Camera sensor Kodak KAF 1600 performed the effective field of view about 17' x 11'. CCD frames was acquired using NightView software developed by Filip Hroch and measurement of the precise positions was done using Astrometrica 3.2 or APHOT 1.3 (USNO-A 2.0) developed by M. Velen and P. Pravec for Ondrejov observatory (MPC station 557).

MPC616_001_Brno_MonteBoo_dalekohled_B62 MPC616_002_Brno_MonteBoo_kopule

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