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MPC station 048 Hradec Kralove (15°50'26".88 E, 50°10'38".42 N, 272.76 m) is located in a small observing house near the local Observatory and Planetarium on the ridge of kopce Svateho Jana (St.John Hill) close the southern suburb of Hradec Kralove - regional capital of eastern Bohemia. The place selected for the building of observatory is the most beautiful with breathtaking view opens to the west onto the lowlands of river Labe and to the south on a smooth valley with small lakes Biricka, Cikan, Datlik and Roudnicka. The quality of the sky is average or a little worse. City with over 100.000 inhabitants and the nearby city quarters Novy Hradec and Roudnicka interferes with the view on the heaven by light pollution. There are also occasional problems with worse seeing. But within a year we have a several fine nights with zenith limiting magnitude about 65.

The main telescope of the MPC station 048 is Newtonian reflector 400/1967 on a automated German equatorial mount (Jan Sindel Telescope). It was built during 2002 in cooperation of the Hradec Kralove Observatory and Planetarium (HPHK) and Astronomical Society in Hradec Kralove (ASHK). Telescope time is used for pohotometry of variable stars and AGNs, pohotometry of minor planets of Eos family and for astrometry of comets and minor planets. At the present time the telescope is equipped with a CCD camera G2-1600 + BVRcIc band filters. Camera sensor Kodak KAF 1603 ME have a 1536 x 1024 px and the effective field of view is about 24' x 16' and the size of each pixel is 1".9 x 1".9 (binning 2x2). CCD frames are acquired using SIMS software. Measurement of the precise positions are done using APHOT - professional software developed for Ondrejov observatory (MPC 557).

History: 2002-2002 CCD SBIG ST7 + CCDOPS 3.51 + Astrometrica 3.2 (first observation of the new era of MPC 048 - comet C/2002 T1 (LINEAR) 04.10.2002), 2002-2009 CCD SBIG ST7 + CCDOPS 3.51 and 5.49 + APHOT 1.3 (USNO-A 2.0), 2009-2010 CCD camera ST7 + CCDSoft 5.00 + APHOT 1.3 (UCAC2), 2010-present CCD G2-1600 + SIMS 1.1.7 + APHOT 1.3 (UCAC3)


MPC048_20110403_001_JST40 MPC048_20110403_013_sestava_JST40_a_HK25 MPC048_20110403_004_sestava_JST40_a_HK25

MPC048_20110403_016_velin_JST40_a_HK25 MPC048_20110403_018_velin_JST40_a_HK25_Martin MPC048_20110403_008_pohled_k_jihozapadu

MPC048_20110403_009_pohled_k_zapadu MPC048_20110403_010_pohled_k_severozapadu MPC048_20110403_011_pohled_k_severu


MPC048_20101127_002_zasnezena_pozorovatelna MPC048_20101127_005_domecek_ze_strechy_hvezdarny MPC048_20101127_006_zapadajici_Slunce


MPC048_20101002_022_palcovy_okularovy_vytah MPC048_20101002_034_CCD_kamera_G2 MPC048_20101002_036_pohled _na_celou_sestavu_JST


MPC048_20090806_015_Martin_centruje_JST_na_Vegu MPC048_20090806_016_Martin_centruje_JST_na_Vegu


MPC048_20081026_002_Martin_fotometruje_LU_Cas MPC048_20081026_003_Martin_fotometruje_LU_Cas


MPC048_20050627_007_JST MPC048_20050627_012_JST MPC048_20050627_034_velin_JST

MPC048_20050627_008_JST_deklinacni_prevod MPC048_20050627_009_JST_pohon_dalekohledu MPC048_20050627_010_JST_CCD_kamera_ST7

MPC048_20050627_017_pracovna_s_knihovnou MPC048_20050627_018_pracovna_s_knihovnou MPC048_20050627_019_pracovna_s_knihovnou

MPC048_20050627_023_jizni_cast_domecku MPC048_20050627_025_severni_cast_domecku MPC048_20050627_016_pohled_od_JST_k_jihozapadu


MPC048_2002_001_JST MPC048_2002_002_domecek_severni_cast MPC048_2002_003_velin_JST_Martin

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